Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is a Reiki Master?

Reiki Masters may also be Reiki Teaching Masters or not.

Reiki Masters know that maintaining a positive flow of life force from the centers of chakras is vital to human functioning. The chakras are energy centers along the body -- both front and back.

This healing energy flow is normally disrupted when we have negative thoughts, stuck emotions, shame, regret, anger and sadness.

The Law of attraction plays a big role in in Reiki. We attract what we think about. When we constantly focus our thinking on negativities, the flow of our life force energy is lowered and blocked, thereby possibly causing damage to the healthy functions of our cells and organs.

Reiki training in Washington, and/or Reiki training in Oregon is held at the Reiki Ranch -- which is half way between Seattle and Portland. Reiki Master training for the individual works not only on the physical well-being but also on one's spiritual development.

The Reiki healing induces the body's natural way of healing itself by raising the frequency of the energy field. Reiki helps you get closer to Source energy. You can manifest your dreams and desires easier with Reiki Master training.

To find local workshops: Reiki classes are helping you connect with your desires

The common description of how Reiki healing is done is by “lying on your hands”. A Reiki master or Reiki practitioner knows certain hand positions that directly points to one’s energy centers or chakras. Next the Reiki energy flows to these areas elevating the potential for wellness and healing.

A Reiki Master becomes the master by studying under another Reiki Master. Once you become a Reiki Master you can give these certification workshops to your students.

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